Technical Innovation

Not only do we use the very latest healthcare technology, we help create it. Technology is an important tool that helps people live well, and we never stop looking for new ways to accomplish that goal.


Omni VR is a Virtual Rehabilitation System designed specifically for the geriatric population. It uses a highly sophisticated camera to create a resident’s avatar on a 40-inch monitor. This avatar mimics residents’ motions as they perform activities ranging from memory games to virtual gardening and volleyball. The program generates a score based on parameters set by the therapist.

It is a faster, more enjoyable way to get results, in part because patients often forget they’re even doing therapy and don’t mind performing more repetitions. Omni VR has become an essential tool for therapists, and it helps them see opportunities for improvement they may otherwise not catch.

ACP, Our Technology Provider


Net Health is a rehab software system that offers vital advantages in managing effective therapy programs. Some key features include correct coding initiatives, part B cap management, accounting interchanges, clinical documentation guidance, MDS accuracy tools, and much more.

It enables therapists to efficiently document at the point of care. Net Health’s intelligence ensures an objective, functional, and patient-centered plan of treatment, and it helps clinicians with goal development and treatment approach. It is a dynamic product that does it all: enhances patient care, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases therapist efficiency.

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