PDPM changes are in effect as of Oct. 1, 2019. Consonus is arming our therapists with all the information they need to feel confident and prepared in every aspect of their roles. Our employees are the key to our success. While other employers are waiting to train or only informing their therapists on the bare minimum, we believe in full transparency at all levels of the business so our therapists can act as PDPM trusted advisors with our patients and customers.

Trainings and Resources

July: PDPM Overview

August: Section GG, Function Score and Speech Coding

September: IDT Processes and Optima Changes

October: “Where are We Now?”

Send PDPM questions or feedback to [email protected] and our experts will follow up.

Watch PDPM Myths Video Series

Myth #1: PDPM is all about the money.

Myth #2: Therapy will lose its seat at the table.

Myth #3: PDPM will take all the rewards out of our work.

Myth #4: We are not equipped with the resources to understand PDPM.

Myth #5: There will be a mass reduction in therapy services.