New Chapters

Every life is made of stories, and these stories are meant to be shared. And every day, we encourage our residents to share their hopes, wishes and dreams with us. Through our New Chapters program, we bring these dreams to life.


As our team goes about their daily work, they get to know each resident on a very personal level. They become a family. This closeness allows us to learn more about the most meaningful facets of their lives, and we coordinate events and experiences that allow them to explore and enjoy these facets. These events fuel the passion we have for our daily work, provide meaning for what we do, and help us remember that we can make a difference everyday. Everyone involved with these events comes away a little stronger, and a little more hopeful. And this hope inspires even more exciting and fulfilling stories to come.


This past July, Bill suffered from a traumatic brain injury causing him to be bed bound and unable to speak. Since working with Consonus Healthcare rehab care, Bill is now fully functional in a wheelchair and is back to his mental ability prior to the injury. The Marquis Centennial team wanted to celebrate Bill’s progress so the team organized a New Chapter through the Vital Life Foundation. Bill was able to return to his lifelong hobby and ski again at Mount Hood Meadows.