Vital Life Foundation

Through the Vital Life Foundation, we support organizations that contribute to the lives of seniors, staff members, and the community at large. We believe that community health is every bit as important as personal health, and this is one way for us to prove it.


Pharmacy staff are actively engaged in providing opportunities for youth from Friends of the Children learn professional skills. In 2015, they set up a holiday giving tree and collected gifts for the Friends of the Children youth. They were able to collect over 100 gifts under their tree!


Since 2011 Vital Life Foundation has supported a senior care facility (Hogar) in Jinotope, Nicaragua with the emphasis on community development and heathy aging solutions for underserved elders in resource-constrained communities. In January of 2015, Consonus pharmacy staff volunteered to help organize the Pharmacy. Their goal was to assist in developing pharmacy resources and best care practices.


Backpack to School aims to provide necessary school supplies to the children in grades K-6 of every long-term care staff member in our partnering facilities. Ensuring the best possible educational experience is increasingly expensive—the cost of essential materials often exceeds $100 per child, and the financial challenges any family can face makes them an “extra” some parents cannot always afford. Employees serving in this profession make sacrifices every day to care for those in need, and we are continually inspired by their contribution. The Backpack program allows us to offer thanks for their selfless service, along with tangible support for the future of the young people who will one day care for America’s seniors—and for us.


For the Vital Life Foundation, 2014 was a year of connections- of strengthening the bonds to our communities and charitable partners in innovative ways. It was about action and impact, cause and effect. Nurturing these connections kept us true to our mission, and added meaning to the lives of those living and working in long-term care.