Our Philosophy

We’re perfectionists. Just like you. And like you, we’re dedicated to get it exactly right every single time. There is no such thing as good enough—there is only accuracy and consistency. At Consonus, you will be part of a team of like-minded perfectionists, all dedicated to people’s health and well-being, one detail at a time.



Our Legends & Ambassadors Program honors those Marquis and Consonus staff members who continually enhance the quality of life for residents, family members and employees.

Meet a Legend


Everyone’s life is made of stories, of chapters. And we’re always looking forward to the next chapter. We think of our guests as family, and as such, we get to know their hopes and dreams. Each year, we organize events that fulfill guests’ personal aspirations, and help them write a new chapter.

Open a New Chapter


Through the Vital Life Foundation, we support organizations that contribute to the lives of seniors, staff members, and the community at large. We believe that community health is every bit as important as personal health, and this is one way for us to prove it.

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