Legends & Ambassadors

Our Legends & Ambassadors Program honors those Marquis and Consonus staff members who continually enhance the quality of life for residents, family members and employees.


Everyone at Consonus is passionate about what they do. But there are a rare few whose personal commitment goes above and beyond any job description. We call these people Legends.

Legends are living embodiments of the Consonus mission. They encourage the independence, individuality and freedom of our residents. They provide assistance, encouragement and support to residents’ families. And they offer support, compassion and respect to fellow staff.

They are volunteers at heart, and they always think of others before themselves. Legends are people who always think, “What else can I do to help?”

Clients, family members and employees are encouraged to nominate those whom they see making a difference.

The Legends program recognizes the everyday heroes of Consonus. Their actions inspire us all to renew our commitment to changing peoples’ lives for the better.


Ambassadors are employees who have celebrated a benchmark anniversary of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years. Their length of service alone is a demonstration of trust and commitment, and it symbolizes both an employee’s character and our company’s culture. These degrees of experience also give employees invaluable insight into their particular work environments.

Our ambassadors share these insights and become part of the larger decision making processes that further Consonus’s mission and values. In this way, they are encouraged to become leaders and impassioned spokespeople for our company’s policies and culture.

Featured Legend

Tracy Yeamans

Tracy Yeamans, Nursing Home Billing Supervisor | Consonus Rx – OR

Tracy is a serious patient advocate. She relentlessly worked with a patient’s insurance to get coverage for $20,000 worth of IV’s that were rightfully the responsibility of the insurer. Through her advocacy, the patient and their family could focus on their most important task- healing and regaining independence rather than worrying about this financial burden.